Born again. In 2018 Ips-Qos will show new face. The new responsive admin tool is being developed now, see ». Licensing will be based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Welcome to pages dedicated to special issues of Ips-Qos system: 1.10.8 se, 1.10.9 se, 1.10.10 se.

More about its special advantages you will find out here ». If this is your first visit, be sure to also visit this page ».

Ips-Qos is the software used to build a functionally-rich: a bridge », router » or server ».

You will find not only links to programs », but also ready-made equipment » under control of Ips-Qos.

A brief explanation of the name  Ips-Qos. It consists of two parts: the first one means “Internet protocol security”, the second one stands for “Quality of services”. It is also the shortest description of its purpose and potential.

Ips-Qos is available as free and commercial version, see the license ».

The further development of Ips-Qos you can find out visiting the workshop ».

Visit the gallery » to view more.

Have fun!

  1. “Limited logging” is now also available for Ips-Qos IPv4 WAN 1-10.

  2. I’m happy to announce that the first Ips-Qos issue supporting IPv6 is available now, see Sofware->ISO …

  3. The @ character is usually associated with the Internet, so it is deliberately used in the context of Ips-Qos. Recently I came up something like this (see below), which I use sometimes to sign e-mails to my son.


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