Ips-Qos meets most requirements known as “advanced routing”. At the same time offers a unique functionality, including:

  • the concept of isolating traffic of computers or services, which can be flexibly shaped,
  • unique bandwidth allocating algorithm, in addition to the typical static and dynamic methods of limiting the bandwidth,
  • extensive visualization of link status and diagnostic of equipment.

Comprehensive information about Ips-Qos can be found at cool colutions site: features », help ».

main Ips-Qos features
feature / version 1.10.8 no longer developed 1.10.9 1.10.10
stateful firewall SPI yes yes yes
supporting IPv6 yes yes no
number of WAN 1 1-2 1-10
number of LAN any any any
number of WLAN 0 1 1
VPN IPsec, OpenVPN IPsec, OpenVPN IPsec, OpenVPN
PPPOE yes yes yes
IDS/IPS yes yes yes
QoS static/dynamic badwidth shaping static/dynamic badwidth shaping static/dynamic badwidth shaping
advanced routing Quagga (bgpd ripd ripngd ospfd ospf6d isisd) Quagga (bgpd ripd ripngd ospfd ospf6d isisd) Quagga  (bgpd ripd ospfd isisd)
load balancing no no yes
fail over no yes yes
layer 7 identifying no no yes
p2p combating no no yes
www proxy no no Squid Squid3
dns dhcp yes yes yes
radv yes yes no
administering, remote access www ssh www ssh www ssh
license free commercial free commercial free commercial

What is “special” in the special edition:

  • support for IPv6, also tunneling over IPv4,
  • excellent support for secure protocols (VPN) with a comprehensive description,
  • long-term storage of information about internet traffic in compressed form,
  • detailed or summary statistics of internet traffic generated automatically or on demand,
  • support for small installations (home office) using XS or S equipment, installers for CF, SD, USB and SSD devices,
  • support for large installations, optimized for the address space of up to 1190 computers, visualization enriched with paging and filtering, quick on-the-fly settings.
  • original intrusion detection system,
  • support for advanced routing (bgp, ospf, rip, isis).