If you have a good router and you don’t plan to replace it with another, it is possible that it lacks some important functionality that you get using the bridge under the control of Ips-Qos. Learn more about advanced functionality, please visit features ». Read about the theory of bridge on the wiki ».

  • special version 1.10.9 se4 supports IPv4/IPv6 bridge

Installing the bridge under the control of Ips-Qos is extremely simple. It is to be inserted between the existing router and switch. Ips-Qos will take care of the rest. It will install automatically in the new environment. In this case, Ips-Qos entrusts to the router the tasks related to the “basic routing”, taking control of security and traffic shaping.

If you do not have a router, or you have one, you are not satisfied with, then consider router under the control of Ips-Qos.