The version containing Debian 8 operating system and the newest Ips-Qos software supporting mobile internet is available here » .

Here you can download the bootable installer as an ISO image or ZIP archive containing a complete operating system Debian 6, 7 i386 and Ips-Qos software.


Why bootable installer ?

  • it allows very fast creation of the complete bridge, router or server under the control of Ips-Qos,
  • configured and operating bridge, router or server under the control of Ips-Qos can be easily saved as a disk image using the utility mondoarchive and burn to CD, DVD or USB flash drive for backup or duplicate on another computer.
Presented releases provide many improvements and new features like the ability to bypass the connection tracking system more » or limited packets logging more ». They allow to support larger / more efficient networks.

Current releases / Debian 7

Stable releases / Debian 6

Read more about server mode »

LTS edition / Debian 6

This version supports IPv4 specific functionalities like: load balancing, layer7, p2p, squid.

Installing from an ISO image – downloaded ISO image must be burned to a CD or DVD.
Installing from a ZIP archive – unpack the downloaded archive, copy to a USB drive and make it bootable by running proper script.
Such prepared medium runs the installer at boot time.
Read here about the installer from ISO images mondo ». More information you can find here help ».